DSHС Foam Pad Dock Seal

DSHС dock seal is the most economical equipment designed to provide the tightest possible sealing at docks that serve uniformly sized trailers with hard bodies. During loading/unloading operations the trailer (with open doors) backs into the dock seal and compresses the pads by about 50 mm thus forming a tight seal around three sides of the trailer. The three sides reinforced PVC fabric cover is highly elastic and wear and tear resistant. The dock seal assembly is mounted using the suspended method of installation.
DSHС Foam Pad Dock Seal


Warehouses and logistics centres



Construct and sizes

Parameters Value
Width, mm 2 000 ; 2 300; 2 500
Height, mm 2 300; 2 500; 2 700; 3 000



Side pads
Side pads
Front pad
Front pad

Extra information

  • Only qualified personnel acquainted with the design and construction of the dock seal should handle it.
  • Prior to mounting carefully inspect the dock seal. Never use it in case any damage is found.
  • Position the trailer in the middle of the dock seal aligning with the white guide stripes.
  • Back the trailer slowly till it contacts with dock bumpers.
  • Make sure the truck is stationary, the handbrake is put on, the wheels are choked.
  • Attention! To prevent dock seal damage trailer size should correspond to the seal type and dimensions.
DoorHan warrants the foam pad dock seal to operate properly for a period of 6 months from purchase date for retail and dealer orders.

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