Tandem Lift Table

Modern lift tables are used both in industrial and commercial applications for raising and lowering various goods to different levels. They significantly facilitate vertical loading/unloading operations. Reliable and easy to maintain lift table is a stationary lifting mechanism transporting products between different levels of a premise. They can be used to raise/lower cars at a parking; to lift materials at production sites; or as an alternative to a goods elevator or stationary ramp for indoor loading/unloading various trailers.
Tandem Lift Table


Warehouses and logistics centres, industrial facilities, car parkings




RAL 5005 Signal blue
RAL 5005 Signal blue
RAL 9005 Jet black
RAL 9005 Jet black

Construct and sizes

  • 1. Lower frame assembly
  • 2. Safety frame
  • 3. Outside scissor legs
  • 4. Inside scissor legs
  • 5. Table platform
  • 6. Hydraulic station


Tandem Lift Table
Tandem Lift Table
Guard rail
Guard rail

Extra information

  • Remove all the transport fasteners (eyerings) before operating the scissor lift.
  • Ensure that the area around the scissor lift is free of people and objects.
  • Do NOT exceed the lift table capacity.
  • Make sure the table lift has no defects caused by falling cargo or impact of a trailer.
  • Ensure that the sliding tracks of the scissor lift are clean and free of objects and spills that could become trip hazards.
  • Ensure there is no leak in hydraulic system.
  • Always lower the lift after loading/unloading operations completed.
  • Only authorized personnel acquainted with operation and construction of the lift table shall operate it.
  • Verify that the safety frame is functioning properly. Otherwise never operate the lift!
  • If any damage to the lift is found, do not operate it.
  • Attention! Never use the table to lift/lower people!
DoorHan warrants the lift table to operate properly for a period of 1 year from purchase date for retail orders and for 2 years from purchase date for dealer orders.
  • All the DoorHan products are loaded with hydraulic crane or fork-lift truck with 2 m long forks. Customer or installer is recommended to use similar equipment. When lifting with crane or other lifting device use slings of corresponding lifting capacity.

New Products

Control unit is equipped with a plug to provide mains connection (optional).
Lip for the lift table.

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